A Path of Resilience and Radiance: Encouraging Self-Discovery Despite Psoriasis

A Path of Resilience and Radiance: Encouraging Self-Discovery Despite Psoriasis


In a world fixated on conventional beauty standards, it's often a transformative tale of personal growth that truly captures our hearts. We sit down with Reena Ruparelia, a beacon of empowerment and self-acceptance, as she takes us through her remarkable journey of navigating the challenging waters of psoriasis while unearthing the treasures of inner beauty and unshakable confidence.

The Journey Unveiled

"I was diagnosed with Psoriasis at the age of 14," Ruparelia shares candidly. A poignant memory of red patches invading her torso, arms, and legs had her grappling with emotions of self-consciousness and frustration.

"I felt like a victim to my skin condition,"

she recalls, revealing the turmoil she experienced during her adolescent years. The cloud of despondency lingered, casting shadows over her interactions and passions. Yet, as time flowed, so did a new realisation.



As years rolled by, an unyielding weariness with the struggle and sadness dawned upon her. "I started to feel tired of living in fear of being seen," Ruparelia explains. This sense of exhaustion catalysed her to embark on a transformative path. A flicker of hope emerged as she began sharing her psoriasis journey on Instagram. Bonds with kindred spirits arose - those who, like her, were navigating their skin narratives. The power of community, coupled with her devotion to self-care routines encompassing journaling, hiking, wholesome nutrition, and meditation, became instrumental in discovering the beauty within her brokenness and melancholy.

Harvesting Self-worth Amidst Societal Whispers

Acknowledging the monumental role self-esteem plays in the realm of psoriasis, Ruparelia opens up about the arduous journey of fostering self-worth in a world rife with misconceptions. "It's one of the hardest things to navigate," she admits. Yet, beneath the challenges, she finds solace in her support system. The embrace of a community on days of despondency, fortified by a reservoir of coping mechanisms, forms her sanctuary.


"I affirmed to myself that I was beautiful as I was and deserving of love and care,"

Ruparelia confides. A powerful testament to the strength within, she realised that confidence was an intrinsic quality, unburdened by external judgments. It was a conviction she built brick by brick, an unwavering force. "Even if society didn't think I was beautiful or worthy - I knew I was," she affirms, a beacon of unwavering self-belief.

Symphony of Skin and Beauty

Within the realm of skincare, Ruparelia unveils her routine for managing psoriasis while nurturing her skin's luminescence. The intimacy of a warm, non-scented shower becomes a cherished daily routine, a moment of connection with her body. Post-shower, the art of moisturising becomes an act of self-love, each application a whispered affirmation.


With a radiant smile, she shares her devotion to SkinFix's barrier+ line, a symphony of products caring for her visage. From cleansing to serums, eye creams to moisturisers, her skin indulges in a reverie of care. A love affair with Indie Lee's Squalane facial oil blossoms, nourishing her canvas. Not to be forgotten, her body, too, relishes in the embrace of nourishing lotions, from Nécessaire's elixir to the tender touch of dermal therapy and Aquaphor.

Artistry and Self-expression

Makeup, an avenue of self-expression, finds its place in Ruparelia's narrative. A recent facial flare-up prompted a reevaluation of her cosmetics, a journey of rediscovery. Skipping foundation, she gravitates toward Saie's dewy moisturiser and Urban Decay's Hydromaniac Glowy Tinted Hydrator Foundation. Laura Geller's balance powder and the rare beauty blush complete her canvas. A Lawless lip-tinted balm graces her lips, a testament to the empowerment that makeup encapsulates.

From Tips to Roots

Hair care, a realm of empowerment and vitality, is embraced with fervour by Ruparelia. While her scalp remains untouched by psoriasis, her hair garners adoration. The Olaplex line weaves its magic, from masks to shampoo, conditioning to protection. An affectionate tingle graces her scalp with Briogeo's charcoal scrub, an ode to the symphony of sensations that accompany her routines.

The Embodiment of Wellness

In the vibrant tapestry of Ruparelia's existence, wellness weaves its threads with prominence. Daily strolls, a dance with nature's rhythm, ground her spirit. Weight-bearing workouts and the ecstasy of dance intertwine, celebrating her physical vessel.


The rhythmic cadence of journaling, a dialogue with herself, uplifts her soul.

The embrace of a therapist accompanies her on this odyssey, offering a haven for her emotions.

Radiating Positivity

Psoriasis, while challenging, doesn't hold dominion over Ruparelia's emotional landscape. Optimism, a force of nature, is nurtured through mindfulness and meditation. Gratitude takes centre stage, a counterbalance to life's adversities. Yet, above all, the strength of the community surges. Family, friends, psoriasis support groups, and therapists - all stand as pillars, holding her through life's ebb and flow.

Purpose Realised

As our conversation unfurls, Ruparelia unveils the purpose guiding her story.

"By sharing my journey on Instagram, I aim to empower, inspire, and educate others living with psoriasis,"

she states. Her platform, a haven of hope and beauty, is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one's uniqueness. Through her words and her journey, she offers a lifeline to those seeking solace amidst their skin narratives. A beacon of light, Ruparelia's story stands as an anthem to the resilience of the human spirit and the beauty that flourishes in its wake.


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